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Stevico Cholest Control Fibre


Diyarbakir Turkish Wild Wheat Mix with
Siberian Red Larch.

Dr Kobayashi, Specially developed this product to simplify the process of consuming fibre and also help those suffering from high blood pressure and high cholesterol, Stevico applies the same exceptional qualities of Turkish Wild Wheat and Siberian Larch Tree traditionally trusted for its healing properties into Cholest Control Fibre. Because easy to drink fibre fills you up quickly, it prevents overeating and is especially good for those dealing with weight control, such as diabetics or high cholesterol sufferers.

Stevico Brazilian Wild Red Tomato
Classic Care Package - 14 Days DailyCare Pack

The adage “Beauty Comes From Within” holds ever so true. As we move in pursuit of physical beauty and long-lasting youth, we are aware that a healthy body leads to a beautiful one. Yet one must also know that the main culprits causing aging and damage to our bodies over time are free radicals, which are derived from stress, unhealthy food intake, harmful UV rays from the sun and other pollutants.

By using a concentration of Tomato Lycopene Extract - Nature’s Powerful Anti-Aging and Cancer Fighting Agents, Stevico Product gives you a potent health and youth retaining solution that fends off free radicals harming our bodies. Cleanse, Nourish, Rejuvenate, Energise and Revitalize your body, retain its inner and outer beauty with Stevico’s Tomato Lycopene Extract with Green Tea Extract.

Stevico Cocoa Flavour peaPea Protein Extract with Horny Goat Weed

(also known as Epimedium Grandiflorum)

What does this Stevico Product do:
- Improve muscle function
- Increase range of motion
- Increase circulation
- Improve flexibility
- Reduce muscle tension
- Increase the flow of oxygen
- Boost erectile function
- Allay fatigue
- Alleviate menopausal discomfort

For more information about this Stevico Product:

Brocolli & Spinatch
Super Lutein

To Regain the Visual loss
Prevention - Age Related Mascular
degenration - AMD

Stevico Sweetermix, Natural Sweetener Stevia Extract With Sugar Mix


What does this Stevico Product do:
- "O" Calorie sugar Replacement
- Prevent Cardiovascular Disease
- Improve Health Health
- Suitable For Diabetic
- Taste Like Sugar
- Look Like Sugar
- Weight Control
- Can Be Cook

USFDA Clears Use of Stevia As Sweetener


The Food and Drug Administration has declared a natural zero-calorie sweetener derived from the herb stevia safe for use in foods and beverages, clearing a path for Coca-Cola Co., PepsiCo Inc. and other companies to market it in a variety of products.

Coke will introduce a reduced-calorie version of Sprite, called Sprite Green, and some Odwalla juice drinks with the new sweetener this month. Pepsi will launch three flavors of a zero-calorie SoBe Lifewater next week, and an orange-juice drink called Trop50, containing half the calories and sugar of orange juice, in March.

The rush by the two companies reflects the importance they place on being first to market a sweetener that they say is natural, has no calories and tastes good.

The FDA faxed approval letters late Wednesday afternoon to Cargill Inc. and Merisant Co.'s Whole Earth Sweetener unit, which are teaming up with Coke and Pepsi, respectively, to market the sweetener. Both Cargill and Merisant already sell tabletop versions.

Coke and Pepsi hope the sweetener -- called Truvia by Coke and PureVia by Pepsi -- will allow them to create a blockbuster series of new zero- or low-calorie products. PepsiCo Chief Executive Indra Nooyi said earlier this week that she believes the decline in U.S. carbonated soft-drink sales can be halted with new sodas containing a natural, zero-calorie sweetener.

But the soft-drink makers face considerable challenges. Not every beverage tastes good with it: Citrus-flavored products work well, but scientists are still trying to find a way to create the iconic cola taste. The new sweetener is also about three times more expensive than commonly used artificial sweeteners, partly because of its small scale.

Coke and Pepsi are edging into the market slowly for now. Sprite Green, which has 50 calories for each 8.5 ounces and will contain some natural sugar along with Truvia, will be introduced first in Chicago and New York at special events for teens and young adult.

The FDA's decision applies only to a highly purified form of stevia known as rebaudioside A, supplied by other companies to Cargill and Merisant, which have further developed it for tabletop, food and beverage use.

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